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What You Didn’t Know About Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are coins that carry emblems of organizations. The two common metals used to make challenge coins are bronze and zinc. The finishes that one can apply to their coins are silver, brass, gold or copper. The tradition of carrying these coins around started in the military. They are used for recognition purposes in award ceremonies. Challenge coins can be used to promote friendship between people. In some fundraising events, you may see challenge coins being used to bring in more money. Members of an organization recognize each other through the use of challenge coins. Only those who deserve these coins are awarded and this can encourage good performance in organizations. Challenge coins can also signify a promotion.

There are two kinds of challenge coins: with color or without. These coins are now being made functional with a bottle opener design included. The price range for a challenge coin is three to two hundred and fifty dollars. The price of a coin will depend on the design and material used. If you choose not to carry your coin around you can display it in your office or home. People swap stories when they start talking about their coins which could be spotted in their offices. Sons admire their father’s coins after hearing the stories behind them so are pleased when the coins are handed down to them.

People agree on what is expected of them if they are coin carriers. In the military one could be asked to produce their challenge coin at any time and in any place. Most coin holders are careful to keep their coins safe because any lose will mean replacing it at their expense. Coin holders can be used for carrying coins on the neck.

If a demand is made to show one’s coin and they don’t produce it, they are required to buy drinks or perform another task which members have agreed on. The personal value of a coin should prevent one from giving it out to people who are not part of the group. Coins symbolize honor between members and so coin holders are expected to keep all rules of a group. Coin holders are expected to maintain their coins as they are without altering them. Coin holders must know all the rules of carrying a coin. Coins encourage a sort of camaraderie among members.

If you have a big achievement in your life, you can decide to buy yourself a challenge coin. To honor someone who is important in your life, you can choose to buy them a challenge coin which you can inscribe with what you want. Challenge coin shops help people design the coins they want or one can choose a ready made coin.

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